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Innovative Cost Effective Solutions
Innovative Cost Effective Solutions
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Rapid Response Service and Support
Rapid Response Service and Support
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Franchise Solutions and Franchise Services
Franchise Solutions and Franchise Services
ZeeProbe has several solutions for the franchise community revolving around market research...
Market Research & Surveys
Consumer Insights
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Franchise Performance Review
Financial Performance Case Studies
Consumer Intelligence Studies
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  • speed to insights
  • quick turnaround
  • online panels and focus groups
  • real-time reporting
  • relationships with multiple sample providers to deliver the highest possible incidence
  • video streaming technology for ad testing
  • affordable – efficient infrastructure and 24/7 environment
  • customized reporting


Consumer Insights
Worldwide Concept Viability Studies
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Online Focus Groups
Mobile & PDA Applications
ZeeProbe has experience supporting clients worldwide across various industries in the following types of consumer insights and market research studies:
  • ATU Studies (awareness, trial and usage)
  • Advertising Tracking
  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Positioning
  • Customer Needs Assessment
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Online Concept & Product Testing
  • Omnibus Surveys
    • To provide quick answers to questions of immediate interest
    • To provide information on topics that does not require a full survey
    • To develop and pilot questions for other surveys
  • Decision-Making Process Definition
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Market Definition
  • Packaging/Visual Communications Evaluation
  • Psychographic/Consumer Values Analysis
  • Pricing/Product Optimization & Simulation
  • Qualitative
  • Segmentation
  • Streaming Video/Media Testing
  • Web Site Evaluation
We have expertise in data collection using the following methods:
  • Internet
  • In-Store
  • PDA Personal Interviewing via Windows OS (for use of graphics) or Palm OS
  • Mall Intercept via PC
  • Pre-recruit CLT (Central Location Test)
  • Telephone/CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interview)
  • Email
  • Paper
  • Multi-Modal (Can integrate all the modes based on the study requirement)
  • Door-to-Door (Globally)
ZeeProbe will program the web-based surveys, handle all mailings for the surveys and complete all necessary data entry from the various methods of data collected for real-time reporting through our online reporting tools.
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ZeeProbe provides survey programming, multimode surveys (phone, face to face, mail, online), data reporting, warehousing and data mining and web related solutions to meet all survey and data collection needs of organizations worldwide utilizing various combinations of collection methods including email, internet, telephone, paper surveys and PDA’s.

ZeeProbe’s foremost commitment is to provide actionable results in the most efficient and intuitive manner possible.  We provide you with real-time reports through our online reporting tools as soon as the study goes live and the paper data that is sent back from respondents is seamlessly integrated on a daily basis with the online surveys.  While many web-based survey operations offer online reporting capabilities, on most of these systems the client cannot look at reports based on unduplicated, clean data which includes surveys received from all modes of data collection in real-time.  ZeeProbe is unique in offering this feature.  The online reporting tools give you the ability to see the data by question/respondent and overall data including online cross-tabs.

Our project managers and technical teams have several years experience in fielding multi-modal surveys, survey programming, data warehousing and reporting.  Several clients across various industries have been served, where we have been responsible for design, coordination and distribution of multi-modal surveys and managed all aspects of distribution, fulfillment, data collection and entry ensuring that integrity is maintained across the different modes.

The entire ZeeProbe team involved on a project will work smoothly and seamlessly with the client thus and making sure that all client requirements are met through the customization capabilities that meet the client’s reporting requirements. 

On a project involving a multi-modal study we will:

  • Work with client to finalize the content and design of the surveys
  • Draft initial and follow-up letters/e-mails soliciting participation in the survey
  • Manage the mail and e-mail lists for accurate follow-ups with non-respondents (distribution list may be provided by client or ZeeProbe and will include all relevant contact information)
  • ZeeProbe will handle printing and distribution/fulfillment of any paper surveys
  • Program the surveys on the web
  • Conduct all initial and follow-up mailings/e-mails
  • Complete data entry on all surveys returned via mail
  • Provide client with real-time data reports– this will include all data that have been entered directly by respondents on the web and all data from mail surveys in real-time, an unique feature offered by ZeeProbe
  • Analyze the survey data
  • Work with client to create a report and presentation
  • Present results to client with recommendations

ZeeProbe will enter all data received from paper surveys received in the mail into the web-based system.  This will allow client to look at online reports from the data in real-time, as the web-based data system will include data that have been entered online by respondents and those that arrived by mail.  The online reporting system will allow the client to look at reports in real-time that merges the data from these common items/questions from various surveys and also breaks them by respondent type (paper or online). 

This is a unique service provided by ZeeProbe, where you will have access to the paper and online survey results through ZeeProbe online reporting system as soon as it arrives back from the field.  This is a core competence that ZeeProbe online reporting has that differentiates us and enables the client to slice and dice the data.

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Consumer Insights                                                    

Our full service marketing research and consumer insights tools will help you and your system with uncovering deeper insights into your customers and market place and provide you with real-time information for superior business decisions.

Getting to the heart of why people do what they do and using that knowledge to continue to grow is important. Out performing your competitors with continuous innovation and helping your franchisees and operators do that is a valuable role that you play. We believe that insights are among the top capabilities that contribute to growth. It is a way for you to WIN!!

Insights = Innovation

It involves:

  • Reaching out to real people in their environment
  • Drilling down deep into their needs wants and beliefs

Your national, regional and local marketing support and effective media spend requires a superior understanding of the consumer at all levels. This approach builds intuition and improves decision resulting in the creation of insights, not just demographics and statistics. Deeper understanding of your target yields better decisions. All your functions can make use of insights.

  • Get close to real people, whoever and wherever they are
  • Find out their real needs, wants and beliefs
  • Understand their natural environment
  • Use the information to create sustainable competitive advantages
  • Create real business objectives
  • Challenge your beliefs and preconceptions
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Make the hard choices and implement
  • Where is the real issue and opportunity

Let ZeeProbe be the vehicle to help you with the following:

  • Know who your customers are
  • What they do
  • Where they are
  • What they buy
  • What they would like to buy
  • Explore psychological areas
  • What do they think and feel
  • What are their objectives and strategies
  • What influences their behavior
  • Competitor insights
  • Supplier insights
  • Employee insights

Let us help you design and manage the process to “probe” deeply with a broad set of inputs so that you are able to gain the insight into your customers of their shifts in behaviors and tastes. Long-term success comes when insights are widely, deeply and consistently integrated throughout your business philosophy and processes.

This will enable the creation of actionable opportunities for marketing and brand development to deliver the real competitive edge to your network and system of franchisees and operators with loyal and profitable customers.

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Worldwide Concept Viability Studies


If you are looking to expand domestically or internationally either through direct franchising, area development, master franchising, licensing or joint ventures, let us help you determine if your concept or product will actually be well received in a particular market or country.

As you are aware every country and culture is different with varying tastes, buying habits and preferences. You also may be well established in certain markets and looking to penetrate others or looking to expand within established markets. The same is true within domestic markets as well.

Let us help you and/or your consultants with the process of designing the study and collecting, storing and distributing this vital information.

One of the most important elements in a successful international venture is finding the right partner in a country that has favorable political, economic and legal environments for your concept to succeed. However that is simply not enough.

A lot of companies rely on the international partners or potential investors or prospects to do the research as part of their proposal to acquire the concept. Our experience tells us that it is simply not enough. You need to conduct in depth consumer level insights type of studies utilizing multiple methods to determine if the product or concept will work internationally.

Let ZeeProbe assist your international development departments with this part of the process. We can assist you with the following:

  • Worldwide concept and feasibility studies
  • Competitive landscape
  • Online surveys in multiple languages
  • Face to face interviews with consumers in multiple countries
  • Telephone interviews with consumers in multiple countries
  • Other methods- e.g. mall intercept
  • Adaptability of concept
  • Full report outlining results
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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Across the globe, organizations are giving enormous importance to Consumer Research and Customer Feedback. This information is the most accurate barometer that determines your level of execution of all systems, training, policies and procedures. This information is being evaluated at all levels to determine strategies for better performance. With increased level of competition, happy and satisfied customers should become your raving fans and allowing them to be part of the process as well as improve performance with the information will result in greater market and customer share and drive more dollars to the bottom line.

ZeeProbe can implement Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assurance/Feedback Surveys with which organizations are able to compile, measure and analyze valuable information with high level of accuracy, consistency and a much shorter turnaround time than using traditional paper surveys or telephone surveys.

We will help you get real-time access to key performance indicators such as service, branding, imaging, pricing, product knowledge, helpfulness, responsiveness, on-time delivery and others through our advanced tools.

Get answers to some of the very important questions that you need access to:

  • How satisfied are my customers with my product?
  • How satisfied are my customers with the service they receive from me?
  • How likely are the customers going to purchase from me again?
  • How likely are the customers going to recommend my product and service?
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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

If there is one important element that defines success from failure in business today more so than ever before, it is the person that handles the transaction and is responsible for the positive and memorable customer experience that is backed by a strong infrastructure of people, equipment, training, policies and procedures.
Your business units will now have the information through ZeeProbe to create a better environment for their employees that fosters this kind of behavior and the home office will have real time access to local, regional and national information to modify and improve training content, tools, delivery methods, tracking and feedback mechanisms.

Increase retention rates, punctuality, productivity, morale and customer service issues by asking your employees what they are thinking on an ongoing basis by implementing the following:

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Morale Assessment Survey
  • Manager Effectiveness Survey
  • New Hire Survey
  • Employee Orientation Evaluation Surveys

These are examples of various tools that we can help you implement to improve your organization performance at all levels resulting in increased profitability.


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Franchise Performance Review
Franchise systems should have sound quality assurance reviews that are conducted at least once a year if not more often. Usually these are the responsibilities of your field support personnel. We recommend that you either complement your field reviews with a franchise self review or 3rd party review within the same time frame and/or have it available incase your field support team just could not get there to conduct them on time. Let us sit down with you and develop an efficient system which will result in information available to you real time. One of the main attributes of a strong Franchise system is the consistent brand, look and feel across your locations and we will help facilitate that.

How about this? A new promotional campaign, product, system or procedure was rolled out? Find out how it performed so that you can maximize the effectiveness of your next one. We can help you.

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Unit Level Performance

Customer experience at the local level determines success or failure. What you derive in your inspection of your business units need not exactly be what the customer experiences. Let us help you implement a system of complementing your audits with another set of eyes and tools. Unit Level Performance gives you an exact picture of what happens in your locations. Here are a few things which you could assess with Unit Level Performance:

  • The attitude and knowledge of the employees
  • Dress code
  • The shop image, décor, merchandizing and presentation
  • Availability of products
  • Display of products
  • Time needed for a customer to be attended
  • Employees awareness of product availability and product specifications
  • Speed and quality of service
  • Compliance with company standards relating to –
    • Service
    • Store appearance
    • Systems
    • Presentation
We could do this for you in three different levels.
  • Level 1: Your location can be called and the items that would be appropriate through a phone call would be rated and assessed. The feedback and results would be available to you real-time,  for eg.- 
      • Greeting
      • Customer service
      • Product knowledge
      • Cross selling
      • Up selling
      • Message on Hold and related items
      • Other

No need for a physical visit. Tremendous cost savings.

  • Level 2: Your franchisees and operators can now do self-audits. With guidance and preparation, we can have them upload on our servers the required and recommended documentation including digital photos, for eg.-
      • Machine logs
      • Training records and certificates of employees
      • Equipment lists and related specifications
      • Menus and price lists
      • Insurance coverage documents
      • Marketing and collateral materials
      • Exterior and interior store appearance including signage
      • Other

We will create a library and catalogue of all items by store number which you can access and therefore sort and rate anyway you would like to. Once again, no need for as many physical visits that you do today or not able to do. More cost savings.

  • Level 3: We send our personnel to the physical location with PDA’s to assess operations just the way your field personnel would do it and provide the results to you real-time on all the objective items that could not be done over the phone and a self-audit. Huge cost savings.

Let us sit down with you and we will customize a solution for you that you will be comfortable with. It could be a combination of all 3 levels or any one of them that is of interest to you. Our experience shows that more and more franchisees feel that they are not supported well and the only support that they get is eaten up by the field reviews and audits.

Now, ZeeProbe can help you and your field support personnel become true “Business Consultants” and not “Corporate Cops” to help their locations and regions grow their bottom line. Let us handle the audits, review and give you the market, performance and financial intelligence so that you are able to benefit from the following:

  • Look  at the key drivers of sales and profitability real-time
  • Become proactive to support your system with the right tools and information to have the right impact
  • Improve your bottom-line
  • Get better validation in the field from your franchises to grow your network
  • Motivate your field personnel to drive better results, build relationships and increase retention
  • Motivate your franchisees to adopt the new system with ease of use implementation, better support from home office, conference awards and other incentives and recognition

Look at the results real time on a local, regional and national basis, and let us help you uncover areas of improvement as a result of the trend analysis that we will provide. We can do the same on your competition so you have the competitive data as well.  Now you really have the edge.

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Unit Level Operator/Management Feedback

How often are you asking your business unit operators for feedback? This is critical for any multi-unit system to get ongoing feedback on corporate policies, programs, procedures, strategy, direction, support and initiatives. They appreciate and welcome the opportunity to participate and have their opinions and concerns heard. This data should be shared with your Executive Management, Advisory Councils, Corporate and Field Personnel to strive for continuous improvement at all times.

In addition to assessing your customer satisfaction levels, it is important that you also survey and get feedback at the unit level management and owners.

There are a lot of issues that your operators won’t share with you and that is the reason why you should have an external consultant who could help you collect this vital information. You need to know if there are problems developing and you need to ensure that your network of operators are part of the process and giving you ongoing feedback to ensure your success.

After all, a happy front line would ensure a successful business.

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Online Focus Groups

Online focus groups provide you all the advantages of a normal focus group at the same time taking away the hassles of traveling and the logistics related to it. Online focus groups provide all the features like sharing of pictures, movie files, web sites and other relevant information that can be passed along on the web.

ZeeProbe’s online focus groups combines the dialogue-driven questioning of a focus group with the interactive, graphical functionality of the internet to produce a completely unique research tool. The experience of an Online Focus Group session and the quality of information immediately upon completion of a group will change the way you think about and conduct online focus groups.

Quality research with a human face: Online research does not mean you lose the human touch. The online environment elicits honest responses, uninfluenced by peer pressure or group dominance.

Market research at Internet speed: Projects conducted online can be turned around faster than face-to-face research without sacrificing quality. Conduct multi-city groups in the same day without leaving your office.

Research without borders: Online Focus Groups let you tap into markets around the world. If you need to talk to people with limited time, online research streamlines their time commitment, making recruitment easier.

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Mobile & PDA Applications

While the concept of using PDA software for surveys and data collection has been around for several years, usage hasn't been very widespread until recently, as prices drop for handhelds and devices. Once limited to large corporations and businesses, pda data collection technology is now affordable for everybody, including students, researchers and small business owners.

ZeeProbe provides mobile, Tablet PC & PDA solutions for online surveys enabling real-time reporting facility even for face to face interviews. With an online mobile or PDA enabled survey you are able to conduct surveys across the globe and see the data in real-time, sitting in your office. Ideally suited for Mall Intercepts, Entry/Exit Interviews, Central Location Tests (CLT), Conference/Trade Show Evaluation etc. Mobile survey solutions are proving to be one of the latest editions in technology enabled online survey projects.


About Health Information Technology:

In the public health sector, the adoption of health information technology systems is a vital growth area. The use of information technology (IT) to record, create, manage and share heath data is a practice with numerous and significant advantages for individuals, doctors and other health professionals, hospitals and government agencies. The benefits of such an approach would include improved health outcomes and fewer doctor visits for patients, precise charting of illnesses and treatments, and ease of appropriate data sharing for doctors, and the ability to make well-informed decisions about public health efforts for governments.

The chief concern when it comes to health information technology systems is comprehensive compatibility. The best method for establishing this compatibility is to establish systems that rely of free and open source software (F/OSS). All health information should be saved in open software formats that are available to and usable by all those who have access to the data. Furthermore, free and open source software is an obvious choice because it can be easily customized.

MSS provides complete electronic health data solution, including hardware/software consultation and optimization of health information technology for NRHM. MSS ensures the standard electronic health platform (which will cover NRHM’s clinical and administrative functions) with complete system-wide intercompatibility. Some of the software used will be free, while other software components will need to be purchased, but all software will be fully compatible with the same standard platform.

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The MSS - Hospital Management Information System covers all major divisions and capacities of today’s multi-specialty hospital. This comprehensive, accessible system creates an environment of higher quality patient care and safety, facilitating greater organization, productivity and flexibility of staff members and decision makers. Organizational efforts and treatment protocols are streamlined, increasing profits and reducing time and money expenditures. The system permits fast access to the most pertinent data, so that important decisions can be made promptly, both regarding individual patients and particularly in managing communicable disease outbreaks and epidemics. The MSS - Hospital Management Information System is built using ORACLE 8.x/MySSQL and Visual Basic 6.0/.Net.

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MSS - Hospital Management Information System


  • MSS - Hospital Management Information System establishes an absolutely secure database of patient data and administrative information, all of which is easily accessible at your fingertips, at a glance.
  • MSS - Hospital Management Information System enables better healthcare delivery by providing medical staff with faster access to relevant, high-quality data, including versatile and customized modes of data display.
  • MSS - Hospital Management Information System increases system-wide efficiency, cost-wise, time-wise and patient care-wise. A streamlined system results in fewer duplications, delays and mistakes.
  • MSS - Hospital Management Information System compels organization and standardization of information gathering and record-keeping practices, resulting in complete and accurate medical records for every patient.
  • MSS - Hospital Management Information System provides staff with constant access to accurate and usable patient health data, enabling personnel to offer a higher standard of efficient, informed care.
  • MSS - Hospital Management Information System culls relevant information to assist management in meeting the most pressing challenges.
  • MSS - Hospital Management Information System educates patients about their illnesses, treatments and risks via illustrations and animations.
  • MSS - Hospital Management Information System provides information to help predict and plan for medical and scientific budgeting.
  • MSS - Hospital Management Information System helps personnel to interpret data for forecasting epidemics and taking the appropriate preventative and preparatory action.
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This module of MSS - Hospital Management Information System enables collection of relevant patient health data at multiple entry points, meaning that the patient can be questioned at any workstation and reports created. Though multiple access points are enabled, all of the patient's data is secure and classified, and may only be released with the patient's permission. The module comprises the following components:

  • OPD, IPD and Investigation Cases
  • Ward Allocation
  • Patient Admission
  • Patient Location and Shifting
  • Account Deposits and Advances
  • Automatic Charge Calculation
  • Estimate and Final Billing
  • Operation Theatre Scheduling
  • Receipts and Refunds
  • Discounts and Concession
  • Doctor Register
  • Patient Discharge
  • Patient Inquiries
  • Comprehensive Search Engine for Patient Search and Analysis
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The success of any undertaking always requires a professional, well-organized project management approach. MSS will study carefully the approach and systems currently in use at NRHM. Based on our findings, we will then plan and implement a system which improves upon the current system as much as possible, striving to make the comprehensive new system as user-friendly and effective as possible.

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We plan to execute the project according to the following steps:

  • Plan out and schedule the project.
  • Define milestones, modules and required tasks.
  • Estimate the anticipated time necessary for each task.
  • Track and document the actual time taken for each task against the estimated time.
  • Maintain constant correction in case of project schedule overrun.
  • Share information with client regarding progress of the project, submitting regular status reports on relevant issues and concerns.
  • Enact mock process audits with senior staff members at predetermined project points.
  • Stage reviews and take the appropriate corrective actions based on feedback.
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We anticipate the following solution development life cycle:

  • Gather requirements and official sign-off from client.
  • Design application and prepare technical design document.
  • Assemble functional specifications. Create test cases.
  • Construct code.
  • Perform unit testing and integration testing.
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Quality Control:

Because we guarantee the quality and efficacy of the total solution we create for you, we include quality control considerations under the heading of project management: defect prevention, root cause analysis of any defects identified, configuration management and work product reviews. MSS will also ensure that the current systems are being utilized optimally and that the software and hardware are working in perfect harmony. We will also ensure, using automated tools, that proactive steps are taken to avoid virus infection and crashing of systems. The period of configuration management with MSS would be three years. After that time, the agreement may be renewed by mutual consensus.

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Testing Methodology:

We will conduct program-level testing and system-level testing using test cases. Test cases will be created with considerations for account functionality, user behavior and various boundary conditions. We will also conduct test data preparation based on live scenarios.

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  • Infrastructure requirements, actual effort reports and schedules will be decided and confirmed only after the initial requirement study is complete.
  • The scope of MSS - Hospital Management Information System outlined in this document is designed assuming the generally accepted functional requirements of the modern hospital.
  • A detailed requirements document will be prepared after the onsite study is completed, and will be signed off on by the client within an agreed upon timeframe.
  • Any later changes to the signed requirements document will be treated as change requests. The associated modifications will be carried out as additionally billable products and services.
  • Any performance issues are subject to availability of recommended infrastructure on the client's side.
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  • Easy installation and integration of MSS - Hospital Management Information System.
  • Graphical user interface with user-friendly screens and functionality.
  • Online help list of predefined medical terms for each field.
  • Availability of individual patient’s history at any point in time.
  • Easy data retrieval with a single mouse click.
  • Online access to information about drug interactions.
  • Online real-time room occupancy status at any point in time.
  • Customizable to suit individual needs, group needs and overall organizational needs.
  • Fully parametric billing system with security features. Able to implement new schemes and services provided by the hospital at any time.
  • Comprehensive search and analysis features via powerful search engine technology.
  • Export of analysis to Excel and Word formats for future reference.
  • Patient counseling capabilities, using illustrations and animations.
  • Robust security tools and safeguards.
  • Online availability of interim billing at any point in time.
  • Easy backup and restore capabilities, without manual intervention.
  • Online patient examination data and results storage.
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